CARRYSHOPS is a market place model aimed at aggregating SMALL MOM & POP SHOPS / RETAILERS / SHOPS / SHOWROOMS irrespective of location, product or turnover. Here, we are providing Payment Gateways and Logistic Solutions to all Mom & Pop shops all over India initially.view more

The second phase is to go International with maximum base of Indian shops and population. Carryshops is an “Only App” base portal. The distinctive feature of Carryshops is primarily, THIS IS A SHOP BASED APP and NOT A PRODUCT BASED APP, you have to search the product by the shop name; alternatively not having a choice of any Shop you can search by “Product Name” too but the results would be displayed in form of Shops. THIS APP PRIMARILY FOCUSES ON SELLERS. The Sellers has got the control to get their customers on the App; we are providing every small shop a Marketing & Branding platform where it can show its speciality and market its product worldwide. Importantly, THIS IS NOT A DISCOUNTING MODEL; THIS IS A SIMPLE GENUINE TRADING MODEL. It’s about normal traditional businesses getting online, so the revenues are there from the 1st day. It is a chain which is getting developed where people are asking their favourite shops to come online and Shops are asking their customers to visit their shop anytime and Shops are also reaching out to new customer base on PAN India basis.
The targeted aim is to get Unstructured & Undefined products online from small Mom & Pop shops. The different kind of shops; for instance; that we are getting here include, Aquarium shop, Steel Utensils shop, Achar Murabba Papad shops, Hammer & Chisel shops, Lonavala Chikki, Curtains & Sofa Cloth, Car battery, Car tyres shop, Cement bags, Special Paan of Kolkata, Stationery, Fancy dresses on rent, local sun glasses shop, garden chair shops, home decoration shops, sports shop, kids school model making etc. Basically this model is like McDonalds & Facebook; All the Shops on Carryshops are our business franchisees. These shop owners will attract all their customers on this portal and will offer all products to all people Nationwide. Similarly, all people are accessible to all the shops Nationwide. The shops can upload any product at any price and offer to customers nationwide.
For instance, you can buy from a small shop in Vishakhapatnam but you actually stay in Ludhiana.


The belief of Core team of Carryshops got derived from a thought of George Bernard Shaw: The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the UNREASONABLE MAN”.view more

The same thought is core principle mantra of ours at Carryshops. We are getting the tiniest smallest shop; within the legal framework; online with payment gateway and logistic solution. Every shop owner will have the liberty of time, showing its products Nationwide, having no limitation of geographical location, complete control on its business from any location and knowing the behavioural pattern of its customer. There is No portal in India; as of now; which is connecting all shops of India to all the people of India. We, at Carryshops, are running this Shop-Buyer network like a nationwide movement and not like a business; like a massive wave going all over India. The business needs to move ahead in such a way that profitability becomes a by-product. Here the seller has an identity, unlike other shopping portals. The buyer knows from whom he is buying; he has got the trust to buy from a Shop and therefore; there will be very minimum returns; a key concern in any e-commerce business. The other name of any “Successful internet business” is FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE, so we really need to have the Speed & Control in moving towards and achieving our goals. The theory is: We need to become “Too big to fail and too big to copy”
We are “Uber of Shops” our vision is to get all the shops in the world to walk to all people in the world. We want an average person sitting in Brazil to buy a local product from an average shop in Taiwan. There is only 1 in a million businesses which can change the world; and; this is the one. Carryshops; the best thing happening in e-commerce world.

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